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We strive to satisfy the curiosity of children while helping to develop their cognitive skills. Our playground and fitness equipment are designed to spark the interest of energetic young minds. From safety cushions to full-size kiddy forts, you will find within our inventory everything that is needed for the fostering of a colorful childhood.

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Main products
    1. Champaign Ancient Trees Series PlaygroundResembling huge trees in the forest, this playset is great for children to play on and around. It features not only high safety but also integration of entertainment and nature. This series playground equipment comes in a variety of types. Custom products are also available.
    1. Mini Series PlaygroundDeveloped for children aged 1 to 3, this playset occupies a small space and is easy to install and clean. It can be placed at home, so that the kids are protected from the outdoor pollutions and germs. Playsets for children aged 3-12 or above can be customized.
    1. KaKa Car Series PlaygroundThis outdoor playground equipment is suitable for children aged 3 to 12. It can accommodate 3 to 18 kids. Safe and eco-friendly, this playset can be installed in the supermarket, kindergarten, amusement park, and other places. It comes with 3-year warranty.
    1. Happy Dynamic Space Series PlaygroundSimple and challenging, this outdoor playset is designed to advocate health and encourage imagination. With high playability, this outdoor playground equipment helps stimulate vitality and imagination of children as well as cultivates their spirit of adventure.
    1. Age of Steam Series PlaygroundDesigned with the Age of Steam as the background, this playset adopts the image of steam train and comes with retro colors. Its plastic part is made of LLDPE from Samsung and the addition of appropriate agents makes it anti-UV, antistatic, and anti-aging.
    1. Jazz Music Series PlaygroundFeaturing bright colors and novel design, this jazz music series playground enables children to play in a vibrant music world. It complies with EN 1176, the playground equipment standard, and comes with a wide range of types, meeting your different requirements.
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